Can you feel it yet?

"A return to aesthesia in art, with a focus on emotion and experience, the material and the visceral.
Bringing new work to Bristol from London based artists, this exhibition re-awakens the personal and re-inforces the real."   


Responding to this creative brief, I produced a contemporary fairytale book, illustrated only with fragrances. Smell. The sense which is inextricably linked to memory and its powerful emotional responses. Olfactory information is transmitted to the amygdala and the hippocampus, the parts of the brain linked with associative learning, and emotion & memory.

My artistic practice deals with narrative; particularly the influence of story on childhood, learning, and the power of fiction to process the darkest aspects of reality. Linking these concepts, I would like to create a storybook, illustrated only with scent. The result was a simple black hardbound book, with circular scented areas to support the minimal text on each page.
Originally I hoped to take advantage of a professional company’s expertise in micro-fragrance coating (the technology used for scratch-and-sniff products), but due to prohibitive cost, I suspended my own essential oil scents in emulsion. The form of the storybook carries a nostalgic association, while fragrances ranging from pleasant florals, to the acrid and chemical illustrate its narrative. Readers will bring their own olfactory memories to further enrich the narrative, and experience the inescapable emotions attached to fragrance.



Aesthesia was organised and curated by artist Jon Clair.

The Galleries Bristol, UK

06 September - 10 September 2014


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