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Marvin Gaye Chetwynd's Hermito's Children 2

“Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s new work Hermitos Children 2 is the artist’s largest film commission to date. Chetwynd has become well known for her carnivalesque live performances, which feature homemade costumes and a varying ensemble of friends and family. These performances share elements of the bawdy anarchy of sixteenth-century wandering troupes, foregrounding key moments from art history and cultural production.
Hermitos Children is an ongoing project that takes the form of an experimental television crime drama. Each episode follows female detective Joan Shipman as she uncovers and solves sex-crimes. The film combines staged cinematic sequences with footage of live performances. Rather than documenting events chronologically, Chetwynd coheres both scripted and live elements into a single overarching narrative…Hermitos Children 2 is presented in the gallery within a large-scale installation, incorporating locations and props from filming.”


Julia participated as a dancer in rehearsals and video production of Hermito’s Children 2, culminating in an evening of Interactive Interactive performances at Studio Voltaire.



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