This is a brand new project in which I am experimenting with altered books. The work is informed by artists Brian Dettmer and Lisa Kokin.

They function as collages of finite resources, with a predetermined placement of the images. The game is to build a composition by paring away material, a reductive process.


Text has been presenting a challenge. In the book of hours project, I attempted to form new sentances from the existing text, not reading the pages left to right, but reading instead along the book's imaginary y-axis.  After a student critique, it seems that whole sentences detract from the over all composition. The viewer becomes distracted in the interpretation of words.  The jumble of words at the bottom is more intriguing, and creates a stimulating texture.


Currently I’m testing out very different types of illustrated books to see how they function as individual works, or as a series.


A carved encyclopedia by Brian Dettmer

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