Photo by Nell Sully
Photo by Nell Sully
Photo by Nell Sully
Photo by Camille Zurcher


a site-responsive exhibition




Londoners huddled in the claustrophobic darkness of the St Pancras crypt, as bombs plummeted toward their city during the second world war.  Responding to this history, Julia Norris and Siobhan Beaton have produced a 'radio broadcast' juxtaposing the story of Berliner, Helga Chieslo, as she recalls the bombing of her home city, with the music of Al Bowlly, a celebrated singer who refused to seek shelter and was killed in a London air raid.

A narrative emerges, documenting a historical event from multiple perspectives, across geographical borders and a lifetime away.  Dualities such as presence and absence, perception and memory color this story, which speaks of the passage of time, and by extension mortality.


Julia also worked with a team to publicize the event, organizing social media, web and email campaigns, as well as designing and distributing the posters and banner.  It was a great opportunity for collaboration and a challenge to coordinate over 30 artists.  She tried to include everyone’s opinions in the publicity materials by organizing online surveys and coordinating through email and Facebook.

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